The Films

Stalled – Part 1

The birth, life, and death of a relationship, told as the season’s change, from the perspective of… a car?

Director: Mike Moring

The End of the World

A young couple contemplates the next step of their relationship while the future of the world seems uncertain.

Director: Mike Moring

My Pet Rat-King

A loveable scumbag is chosen by a pack of entangled rats as their new king but the rats’ ulterior motive might mean the scumbag loses everything he holds dear.

Director: Aaron Peacock

Walking Away

When an animated dog gets his heart broken, he realizes that man truly is a dog’s best friend.

Directors: Michael Hayes / Michelle Foster


Cyrus, a homeless wizard, must confront his parasitic companion if he is to reclaim his former power and win the heart of the lovely Prunella.

Directors: Brendan R. Fell / Michelle Foster


Two Man-Children engage in open war on a crowded beach after one destroys the other’s sandcastle.

Director: Aaron Peacock


An unusual accident at a logging camp leads one man to hide the evidence, driving him to madness.

Director: Michael Hayes


“Memory Motel” by Americasroof is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5

Dad’s Accent

When a tired dad encounters a friendly Newfoundlander in a motel parking lot, he inexplicably adopts his accent and frantically implores his family to help uphold the facade.

Director: Aaron Peacock


A simple walk down the street becomes a struggle to distinguish imagination from reality for a woman with bipolar psychosis.

Director: Michael Hayes

Stalled – Part 2

Three friends embark on a long-awaited road trip, but their grand plans turn to scrap when their vehicle stalls just as their journey begins.

Director: Mike Moring

Everlasting Wheat

An 1850’s farmer, after struggling through the worst year, falls prey to his farmhands whisperings that their bad luck has more to do with their neighbor than fate.

Director: Matthew Hayes

The Great Mystery

Tenzin is ready to leave the monastery and rejoin the outside world. As he instructs his final student, Luca, in the ways of monkhood, he realizes immortality is nothing to lose, and life is everything to gain.

Director: Wyatt Lamoureux


Ok, so.. 4 men walk into a bar… and they break into song. They’re not very good, but they’ll sound a whole lot better after a few pints.

Director: Michael Hayes

An Incident Involving the Tooth Fairy

Two amicably separated parents are joined by the man’s new partner to take their young child Trick-or-Treating. But matters get unexpectedly complicated when the Halloween candy claims a tooth.

Director: Mike Moring

Mirror Mirror

On the verge of a perfectly peaceful evening, a hotel night clerk is forced to deal with a pair of troublesome guests who think they can handle anything.

Director: Michelle Foster

Christmas Goose

A celebrity chef recounts the shocking and tragic origins of his career while preparing his father’s Christmas goose recipe.

Director: Aaron Peacock

On Hold

A despondent young artist is recruited by an inbound call centre with a singular and sinister objective.

Director: Mike Moring


In the basement of a dusty house, a man packs up the belongings of his deceased father. What he finds tucked away in the clutter is more surprising than just the giant man-eating snake.

Director: Michael Hayes

Reverie House

As Alzheimer’s chips away at his sense of self, Cotter struggles to find his wife, but the best memories of her, and his father, refuse to cooperate. When he must acknowledge the one real truth of her leaving, he is faced with his role and his culpability.

Director: Wyatt Lamoureux

Lifecycle Challenge

What awaits us after death? Rack up your points! You’ll need them on the other side!

Director: Michael Hayes

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