About The Project

“I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else!” – Pablo Picasso

We begin with a what-if idea:

What if local filmmakers collaborated on one project that combined multiple narratives created by multiple writers, directors, cast, and crew?

What if independent film creatives from across Peterborough, the Kawarthas, and Northumberland could showcase their remarkable imagination, talent, and professionalism?

So, we reached out to the local film community and the response was overwhelmingly positive. YES, let’s do it! In 2020, this ambitious project will present 20 original films, connected thematically through the four seasons, created by 11 writers, 7 directors, and scores of cast and crew, with stories rooted in comedy, drama, horror, and even animation.

Production companies anchoring the Anthology have the experience of dozens of short films, webisodes, documentaries, and reality series:

  • Oblivious Muse Films (Michelle Foster, Omemee, Executive Producer)
  • Cavan Line Entertainment (Michael Hayes, Peterborough, Executive Producer)
  • Demented Lens Productions (Mike Moring, Peterborough)
  • Endless Leap Films (Wyatt Lamoureux, Peterborough)
  • Two Blue Shirts (Aiden Kennedy and Aaron Peacock, Port Hope)

Everyone involved in 2020 – A Short Film Anthology, volunteers their talent, skills, and time to make this collective effort a reality. Funds raised above and beyond essential production costs will be donated to a local charity.

There were two further, important, long-term what if ideas, that are, ultimately, about our larger community:

What if our region had a media collective to provide our regional film makers (youth, adult, novice, experienced) with the resources they need to learn, grow and continue to produce high quality content.

What if this project could draw the attention of larger content-creating entities to the production opportunities that await them in our regions?

We expect that the process of creating 2020 – A Short Film Anthology, will open doors to these goals. To paraphrase Robert Browning, “Ah, but our reach should exceed our grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”

Thank you to our generous partners